Monday, January 24, 2011

A Long Yet Hopefully Fruitful Day

   It's been quite the long day today! And on only four hours of sleep too. It started with a trip to the Human Resource centre to get some papers and documents sorted. Thankfully there was practically no line-up there, which is especially nice considering that I've had times when I've sat in line for hours! But thankfully I got everything done and even had time to drop by a nearby Starbucks for a latte and a brownie. Healthy breakfast? Nope, but I have no appetite for anything non-delicious most mornings. I'll try the whole oatmeal and soy milk thing next morning, so we'll see how that goes.
   After the Starbucks, I walked to my university, which was thankfully only a 5-10 minute walk. Although even that was too long for me today, as it was raining cats, dogs and multiple other animals. Plus it was a little windy and my umbrella is a huge failure (broken spokes and such) so you can imagine how that went. Not to mention I was dressed non too practically for an event later that day. Regardless, I made through all my classes with the help of some caffeine, a sugar high and a bagel. It's after classes were done that the important part of the day started.
   I hightailed it out of school to catch the bus so that I could make it to my job interview! That's why I was dressed so darn impractically, in flats that were continuously soaked. Anyways, I managed to get to the place I had my interview on time, even a bit early, despite being super worried that I'd end up late. The place is a seafood bar and grill in the southern seaside area of my city, right on the docks. It's for a part-time job for either being a dishwasher or a hostess. I'd prefer to be a hostess, but I'll take whatever I can get since I've been looking for a part-time job for months now and this was my first interview. I think it went okay; not stellar or anything, but okay. I think it'll depend on how many other people applied, how good their interviews went and how many positions he needs filled. Which I suppose is the case for most positions. Anyways, I'm just going to hope for the best; there's no point stressing about it, I've done my bit, now I just hope I get the call for the second interview. The interviewer said he'd call on Monday, so I have a week to wait and try not to obsess over it too much. So, in the spirit of not obsessing over it, I'm going to make a goal of not posting about it too much, maybe just a quick mention.
   Moving on, the other eventful thing that happened today in my personal life was my Grandma not feeling so well, which always worries me to no end. Hopefully she'll be much better tomorrow.
   And now for the news event of the year - the Moscow airport explosion! It's being described as terrorist attack, and I'm inclined to agree. I'm not going to talk about my opinions in depth right now, I'd rather wait a day or two and contribute something well thought out, but my heart goes out to anyone affected by it. I have family in Moscow, and even though I was fairly sure that they weren't at the airport, I was still a little worried. Thankfully, all is fine with my family, but it's still such a tragedy.
   But now I'm done my ramble for the day, so I'll be going. I need to learn to be more concise; hopefully this blog will help with that.


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